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Mintal Eye Massager

The Only One Designed, Constructed And Optimized To Fall Asleep Fast.

30% Enlarged Mask

100% Blackout

Skin-like Protein Leather

Great comfort with a

skin-like touch

Intelligent Air Pressure

Mimic a human


Graphene Warming

Fast, thermostatic,

and cosy

100+ Relaxing Sleep Sounds

Drift off to sleep

right away


Play your favorite tunes

via bluetooth

Foldable Design

Enjoy your

relaxation anywhere

12-Day Use Once Charged

Enjoy your

relaxation anytime

Enlarged Mask

Larger Coverage, Darker Environment, Better Sleep

90% of information entering your brain is visual.

Now, block out the distractions and get yourself ready to sleep.

Ergonomic Design

Ensure Your Comfortable Wearing Every Time.

Adaptive Shape

Adaptive design lets Eye Massager perfectly fit your face. By analyzing and testing the facial structure of 300 volunteers, we successfully built an adaptive face model for the product.

Nose Pad

Redesigned anti-skidding nose pad, no more discomfort again. Through continuous optimization, the third-generation design resolves the skidding problem.

Protein Leather

Advanced protein leather, feels like a baby stroking your eyes. New protein materials are carefully selected, which are softer and more comfortable than previous leather.

Intelligent Airbags & Warming

Massage You Like a Professional with New Smart Chip.



5 s

Fast warming

107.6 ℉

Thermostatic massage

Soothe You with Sounds

Easily Connect with Your Phone through Bluetooth.

Listen & Explore

Try the Mintal sound below

White Noise
Sleep Stories
180° Foldable Design
Foldable Design

Enable you to take a stress-reduction break wherever your are.

12 Days
Battery Life

Long-lasting battery life helps to fulfill

your need of relaxation.


Muti-Relaxation Mode

4 Relaxation Mode Satisfy All Your Needs Anywhere & Anytime.

SLEEP | Prepare for bed
WORK | Refresh mind
TRAVEL | Take a rest
BREAK | Relieve fatigue

How Effective is Mintal Eye Massager


Users fall asleep faster and more easily with Mintal Eye Massager.


Mintal Eye Massager reduced the time required to fall asleep by an average of 21 minutes. 


Users improve their work performance after using Mintal Eye Massager.


Users cure their travel fatigue with Mintal iMassger.

Customer Reviews


Is Mintal Eye Massager safe?
Yes. Mintal Eye Massager has obtained certifications of FDA, CE, FCC and RoHS. The quality is guaranteed.
Will Mintal Eye Massager make my skin allergic?
No. Mintal Eye Massager has obtained certifications from FDA, CE, FCC, and RoHS. The lining is made of skin-friendly protein leather, it will not cause any allergic reactions and offers you the utmost comfortable feelings. No need to worry about it.
Does Mintal Eye Massager fit everyone?
Yes. The adaptive design of Mintal Eye Massager is based on tests and analysis of the facial structure from more than 300 volunteers. Designed with an adjustable headband, it fits in every head size.
Will you offer free shipping?
Yes. We offer free shipping for all our customers in the USA.
What is your return policy?
We guarantee that your Mintal Eye Massager will transform your sleep. That’s why every Mintal Eye Massager (except those purchased during limited-time sales events) comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If your Mintal Eye Massager doesn’t work for you for any reason, you’re 100% covered — simply reach out to our customer support team via our contact page and let us know why the product didn’t work for you. We will provide you with a prepaid return label via email and once we’ve received the item back in good condition and its original packaging, we’ll provide you with a full refund for the item you purchased.

If you’ve paid for shipping, please be advised that we won’t be able to refund the shipping fee as the payment goes directly to our shipping partners. Please also note that all products purchased via limited-time sales events (Black Friday, clearance, etc.) are considered final and are not eligible for returns or exchanges.
How to clean and care for Mintal Eye Massager?
The protein leather is made of dust-proof materials. You can easily wipe the dirty areas with a damp paper towel.
Is there information I should know before using?
We advise you to consult with your doctor before using this device if you:
1. Had glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, and/or other serious ocular region surgeries
2. Carry an eye injury and/or is in rehabilitation following a surgery (medical/cosmetic)
3. Are suffering from serious eye inflammation
4. Have severe myopia (over 800 degrees)
5. Have severe glaucoma and/or cataract
6. Have sequela of apoplexy
7. Are under the age of 7
8. Are pregnant

Upgrade Your Nights With Mintal!

30-night free trial - fall asleep faster with Mintal tonight! If you're not convinced, simply return your order through the email and earn a full refund to your method of payment.