Stories of Our Customers

Learn the experiences of real Mintal Eye Massager users and how it changed their lives.

Kassidy is using Eye Massager to fall asleep faster

"The Eye Massager is the reason why I sleep again. After two weeks I was used to the air pressure and soothing music, I fall asleep more peacefully than before and sleep better all night. When I wake up during the night and feel restless, I turn it on and step into a happy dream again."

Kristina is using Eye Massager to be able to unwind

"I would recommend Eye Massager to anyone who wakes up at night and cannot fall asleep for any reason. Eye Massager has truly become my savior. I can't go back to sleep through the night, this is the first time in 10 years."

Stephen is using Eye Massager against stress and restlessness

"This is the only thing that has helped me to relax. I am a severe insomniac and often lose sleep because of stress. With Eye Massager I fall asleep within 20 minutes and wake up less often at night. It has greatly improved my sleep and health. Brilliant product."

Why Our Customers Love Our Eye Massager

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