Calm Mind. Better Sleep.

A 15-minute relaxation journey with Mintal Eye Massager

lulls you into better and deeper sleep, by quieting your racing mind.

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Sleepless Night, Restless Mind.

12 minutes
15 minutes
27 minutes
Average sleep latency to fall asleep
Why has sleep latency doubled compared to 10 years ago?

Restless mind leads to sleepless night. Sleep deprivation can worsen restlessness, spurring a harmful cycle, increasing the difficulty to fall asleep.

without pre-bed relaxation
with pre-bed relaxation


Light Sleep

Deep Sleep

15 Minutes

Pre-Bed Relaxation

= Better Sleep

Lead-up to bedtime matters

Preparation for sleep is much more important than you think. The lead-up to bedtime that defines not only how quickly it would be for you to fall asleep, but also your overall sleep quality.

Unwind with a 15-min relaxation journey

By combining the power of sight, touch, and sound, Mintal Eye Massager signals your body that it’s time to rest, providing initial motivation to slide into light sleep and preparing you for a brand-new day.

Our Sleep Solution

We've taken a long journey to bring you a better sleep, naturally.

Sleep Research - Mintal Tracker

Understand your sleep and improve your sleep quality

Track your sleep cycles with AI technology

Measure your snore frequency and detect sleep apena

Record your dream talk to explore your inner world

Generate sleep report without the help of PSG machine

Sound Meditation - Mintal Sleep

Gently drift off to sleep with calming soundscapes

Learn the life-changing skill of meditation

250+ exclusive sounds for better focus, relax, and sleep

Improve your sleep hygiene with sleep coach

Multi-sensory solution - Mintal Eye Massager

Lull you to sleep through engaging your three senses.

100% light blocking

Ergonomic design

30% enlarged mask

Palm-like massage

Skin-like protein leather

Smart massage & warming

Sounds healing


250+ sleep sounds

Multi-sensory solution - Mintal Eye Massager

Lull you to sleep through engaging your three senses.

Block 100% of light, even in broad dayligh

Ergonomic design | 30% enlarged mask

Touch your eyes with warm and palm-like massage

Smart massage & warming | Skin-like protein leather

Immerse you in the moment by meditating with soothing sounds

Bluetooth | 250+ exclusive sleep sounds in Mintal APP

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Better sleep, work and travel with Mintal Eye Massager
Faster falling asleep
users fall asleep faster
less time to fall asleep
Better performance
users improve work performance
users cure travel fatigue

*Data taken from over 3000 verified customers.

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